Welcome to Universal Condition Report!

"I just finished it and you will love it. Designed by us on the best platforms, with no holds barred."
-- Robert Hollenshead

"It is made for dealers and dealers only. Easy to use and with exclusive features! It includes a value impact box that tells the user what he needs to know about the unit, what equipment it has… but also… what it doesn’t have, so you don’t break your brain reading through insanity to figure it out. It will show clearly, if it has navigation or none, heated seats or none, third seat or none, bad vehicle history report or not, 22s” or not, boards or not, previous paint or not, and so on and so on. You will love it (but was it torture putting it into a format)!

"This has never been done before. Any dealer with approval can now write his own CRs so when your units get to the sale, you will feel the breadth of the market. I can tell you it is super. It’s where we are going and I want all of you to be able to participate in the broad market."


Available for iPhone, iPad
        and Android devices